A well-deserved spot in Les Echos Statista 2024 Rankings

Since November 20th, it’s official: MP Recruiting is among the top 250 recruitment firms of 2024, according to the rankings established by Statista for Les Echos. This distinction is even more prestigious as we received the highest rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in the category of recruiting managers and experts!

This recognition highlights our unique approach to recruitment, characterized by an unwavering commitment to uncover and persuade the perfect fit to join the organization that suits them perfectly. To showcase our dedication, we have chosen to publicly acknowledge the quality of our work through independent third parties.

Passionate recruitment craftsmen and craftwomen!

Proud of our independence and determination, we strive to meet the expectations of companies and candidates, increasingly in search of fulfillment and meaning. 

Naturally pragmatic, we are the preferred partners of HR professionals!

Recruitment under pressure: attracting candidate attention, our crucial mission.

In a context where recruitment is under increased pressure, attracting candidate attention is more crucial than ever. Our mission is to highlight your best practices in management and human resources. 

Drafting job descriptions, adapting the search strategy, refining the recruitment process: these complex tasks are approached with rigor. We provide organizational and remuneration benchmarks, guiding you in defining the sought-after profiles. 

Our teams are dedicated to a limited number of missions, ensuring responsiveness and excellence.

Our ultimate goal: unearth motivated talent ready to contribute to your company’s success.

We practice tailored recruitment for consulting firms, industrial companies, SMEs/ETIs, startups, and financial institutions, both in France and internationally. 

We introduce you to exceptional managers, leaders, and experts ready to thrive within companies we know well.

Trust, a key value we share with you!

Congratulations to our exceptional teams, and a big thank you to our clients and partners for this wonderful recognition! 

Stay connected, as we are eager to continue contributing to your future success. #Consulting #Data #IT #Impact #Finance, ✍🏻 Contact us at contact@mprecruiting.com #OurTalentForYourSuccess 🚀

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