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Digital Expertise

Our core strength 💪


Our ability to identify and attract the best talent in an ever-changing digital field


Digital professionals have specific skills and technical knowledge, which often makes them difficult to find and hire.

We are able to understand our clients’ needs and advise them on the skills and profiles required for each position.

We have a deep knowledge of the digital job market and only select candidates who are both skillful and adapted to the specific requirements of the company.

No exception in our tailor-made approach, even when scouting for developers :

  • We refuse the “mass approach” mindset, targeting candidates without open positions and building up a database sold to several clients at once.
  • We make no compromise on our qualitative and personalised model.

Our teams stay on top of the latest technology trends and share our corporate clients’ opportunities with potential candidates via social networks and other online channels.

Our fields of intervention

MP Recruiting assists its clients, startups, consulting firms, SMEs and large groups for all digital-related roles.

We focus particularly on :

  • “Tech” positions such as developer or application architect
  • Profiles related to digital transformation : digital project manager, digital marketing expert, product owner, UI-UX designer, QA manager, head of I.T. transformation
  • Digital leaders : CTO, director of digital transformation, startup CXOs.

Examples of Digital MP Recruiting mandates

  • Developer (Backend, Frontend, Fullstack on any language -Python, Android, Java), devops, tech lead, architect, cloud expert
  • Digital transformation consultant, ERP project manager, SAP consultant, CRM expert, product manager, scrum master, PMO
  • VP Engineering, partner within CIO advisory firms
Vladislav Abramov digital

Our MP Recruiting Digital expert

Vladislav Abramov

A perfect brew of Slavic origins and Belgium education

  • He got his degree in Business Information Management at KU Leuven.
  • He first worked as an SAP consultant, then moved to I.T. project management within a large corporate.
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Expert recruiter at MP Recruiting Digital since 2022

  • Mixing his technical skills and a people-oriented mindset , he joined MP Recruiting to lead development efforts in Tech and IT sectors.
  • His friendly personality allows him to build a trust-based relationship with clients and potential candidates.
  • He assesses candidate technical skills but also their ability to work in a team, their potential for creativity, and also their fit with company culture and values.

What Vladislav is passionate about at MP Recruiting Digital

  • Standing on top of the latest technology trends and sharing our corporate clients’ opportunities with potential candidates via social networks and other online channels.
  • Being the preferred partner of our clients and candidates at every stage of the recruitment process.

What he also likes beyond his job 😉

  • A history buff, he is particularly interested in the 20th century.
  • As an amateur photographer, he finds inspiration in the work of artists like Sean Tucker.

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