Our Unique Offer at MP Recruiting


A tailor-made recruitment to uncover exceptional talents


Our approach

Direct and

Our recruitment process combines rigor, excellence and openness.

Our expert recruiters are reactive and work exclusively on a direct approach basis.

We listen and integrate your time frame constraints, whatever the type of profile sought or the position location.

Unique and

Our work is tailor-made because each client needs and context are unique and require a specific approach.

What we don’t do : untargeted calls to candidates to feed databases or CV libraries for commercial purposes.

What we do (the best) : once the need has been defined with the client and the search strategy validated, we start scouting for the best possible talent via a direct and confidential approach.

Exclusive and

Exclusivity : we commit ourselves not to work in parallel for competing companies on similar profiles, which guarantees exclusive sourcing and maximum confidentiality.

Loyalty : we work over time with a limited number of clients with a mutual degree of knowledge and trust.

Your motivations, our inspirations


A shared goal :
the right person, at the right time, in the right place


Companies are looking for candidates who are :

  • excellent in terms of technical, managerial and commercial skills, but also personalities matching with their corporate culture
  • positive, motivated and committed to business orientations

Candidates are looking for :

  • a progression, and acceleration of their career path, to stand out in a European or international professional environment
  • A job in a socially responsible company that provides meaning
  • increased autonomy and a minimum of constraints in their day-to-day work practices
  • a level of compensation that reflects the proper market equilibrium

Why us

Focus on the best talents only

  • And specifically those who share your company goals and values.
  • We only select the best profiles, well beyond checking candidate experience and technical skills.

We evaluate candidate soft skills and their fit with your company and future team culture.


Search for the most complex profiles, with passion

  • We find the profiles that clients want to meet and that have a high probability of successfully going through the recruitment process.
  • We can share information about your industry independently and expertly: organizational mapping, career path options, salary trends, and networking opportunities to expand your professional network.

We implement proprietary sourcing methods that are not directly accessible to companies.


Be there when and where you need us

  • Our employees work on a limited number of mandates (2 to 3 times lower than industry standards) and are therefore fully mobilized to guarantee responsiveness and excellence regardless of client constraints.
  • We save time and effort through our ability to design and formulate relevant job descriptions, search strategies and overall recruitment process
  • Our international team allows for limitless recruitment boundaries : France, Europe or the world 😉

Secure your recruitments

  • As your advisor, we will help you to excel in implementing your recruitment policy.
  • We offer you the best practices in recruitment and help you optimize your processes.
  • We also provide organizational and compensation benchmarks.
Three guarantees
  • We replace the candidate if they leave the company before the end of the probationary period.
  • We will not hire any of our clients’ employees within a period of one year after the last recruitment mandate.
  • We treat all information transmitted to us as confidential.

Our clients value how their employer brand is perceived by the candidates we refer !



Find a position that is relevant to you

  • We have exclusive access to off-market offers : most interesting offers are not published, but we work daily with the companies offering them, and we know which ones may interest you.
  • You save time in the process : if we reach out to you, our objective is to initiate a successful recruitment process.

Benefit from a thorough and personalized support

  • We offer personalized and active coaching at each stage of your recruitment process
  • Pre-interview preparation : a clear description of the stages of the recruitment process and the salary range, an explanation of the role in line with reality, in order to facilitate integration
  • Debriefing between rounds with your dedicated MP Recruiting consultant
  • Assistance to salary negotiations
  • Facilitation of your successful integration into the company

Negotiating your salary is 100% part of our support.


Share an objective view of your professional outlook

  • We share information about the job market related to your expertise that enables you to evaluate your worth in the recruitment market.
  • We help you step back and consider your career options and professional prospects.

Through an excellent knowledge of key sectors and contacts, we offer insights into your career.


Join a team of passionate and multicultural recruiters

  • Supervised by experienced managers, you benefit from direct and rewarding interactions with demanding and inspiring clients. You will have the opportunity to grow rapidly within the firm in a multicultural work environment.
  • We are passionate about non-discrimination and inclusion : we focus on your potential and your personality rather than on a “perfect” CV !

We’re in it together

  • MP Recruiting was by Maxime Preux, a former strategy consultant, to offer excellence in recruitment, particularly for the executive and consulting sectors.
  • Today, the firm has expanded its scope, and has integrated experts of various profiles to expand its recruitment capabilities, particularly in data, I.T., financial services sectors, as well as a transverse focus on roles related to the energy and climate transition.

 Come as you truly are 🙂

  • To sustain our development and keep creating value, we are constantly looking for new talents.
  • Beginners or experienced profiles, recruitment specialists, passionate about finance, or people development, focused on sustainability, attracted by new technologies… We are convinced that the diversity of our profiles, backgrounds and skills is a key asset to create value for our clients… and for you as well.
  • The positions we offer are in line with the ambitious and rewarding projects of our clients.

And work from wherever you want!

  • You can work remotely at the pace that suits you, up to 100% of your time and at the location of your choice.
  • Our offices in France and abroad are real collaborative hubs, where we like to share and exchange our best practices.

Share your knowledge and come join the MP Recruiting adventure !


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