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Impact Expertise

Our core strength 💪


Creating impact for our clients by combining our recruitment expertise with our environmental and societal commitment


MP Recruiting provides HR managers with an opportunity to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development actions and to highlight them as an asset to attract the best talents.

We support individuals who aspire to make a positive impact by pursuing a career that is virtuous for both the planet and society.

We match candidates with companies committed to sustainable development and ambitious environmental policies.

We participate in environmental initiatives, supporting forest regeneration with EcoTree : 1 tree is planted for each mandate placed !

We also promote social actions by financing associations that help disadvantaged children, such as France Parrainages.

Our fields of intervention

  • Climate emergency growing quest for meaning by employees and companies have led to the emergence of new players dedicated to climate and social transitions, with new functions and roles specific to this field.
  • We work with different types of clients : consulting firms, startups and large companies seeking to become more sustainable and socially responsible.
  • We also work with investors who finance the transition : investment funds, agencies, banks.

Examples of MP Recruiting Impact mandates

  • For corporations and startups : renewable energy engineer, CSR manager, CSR project manager, eco-designer, energy efficiency engineer, waste management expert, environmental engineer
  • For consulting firms : ESG consultant, sustainable finance consultant, environmental strategy consultant, decarbonization consultant, sustainable development consultant, waste management consultant, eco-design consultant, strategy consultant with expertise in the energy sector
  • For financial services players : investment manager with expertise in sustainable transition, decarbonization manager, ecological transition analyst/economist, sustainable project manager

Our MP Recruiting Impact expert

Charlenne Preux

Native from Picardie

  • Charlenne Preux holds an MBA in Human Resources Management from ESG Montpellier, and has over 15 years of professional experience in internal and external recruitment and HR management.
  • Her goal is to find the most passionate and competent talents for impactful jobs, taking part in creating a better future for all.
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Expert recruiter at MP Recruiting Impact since 2023

  • Her belief is that every individual has the potential to contribute positively to our world, if they are in a supportive environment.
  • She joined MP Recruiting, convinced that tailor-made HR support is the key to recruit successfully and to contribute positively to society.

What Charlenne is passionate about at MP Recruiting Impact

  • She focused on Human Resources (HR) early in her career because of her empathetic personality, enjoying listening to others and helping people in their professional and personal development.
  • As an HR Director, she contributed to transforming the organizations and companies she worked for, in order to make them more sustainable and socially responsible.
  • This mindset motivated her to take the lead of the “sustainable” activity within MP Recruiting, aligning even more her personal and professional goals.

What she also loves beyond her job 😉

  • Charlenne is involved in environmental and social non-profits.
    And she is passionate about music and horse riding !

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