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Data Expertise

Our core strength 💪


Knowing how to calibrate the necessary technical and academic skills according to the client’s data challenges


Our teams are very knowledgeable on data topics, allowing them to dialogue effectively with expert candidates while leveraging typical recruiting strengths : listening, ability to convince, soft skill evaluation.

We acculturate our corporate clients to this fast-moving market by advising them on market trends so as to make them aware of constantly evolving candidates’ expectations.

Our areas of expertise

  • As a specialized data recruitment firm, we seek qualified candidates for positions that require skills in data analysis, data science, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data visualization, data engineering and other related fields.
  • We are scouting talents for startups, SMEs, large corporations and consulting firms that are strongly developing the use of data and wish to reinforce their teams with highly expert profiles.

Examples of MP Recruiting Data mandates

  • Data engineer, data architect, data analyst, data project manager, data ops, big data expert, business intelligence expert, cloud expert (AWS, Azur, OVH)
  • Data scientist, NLP expert, data visualization expert, machine learning / deep learning engineer, business analyst
  • Data strategy consultant, data management consultant, data owner, chief data officer

Our MP Recruiting Data expert

Quentin Malcoiffe

Originally from Rhône-Alpes, he expatriated in Eastern Europe

  • After a law degree at Université Lumière Lyon 2, he wrote a thesis on “Artificial intelligence in operations and logistics management”.
  • During his first professional experiences, he was particularly involved in developing human capital with a particular interest in data-related topics.
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Recruitment expert at MP Recruiting Data since 2021

  • He decided to leverage his in-depth knowledge of the data industry.
  • He fully understands the skills, qualifications, roles and responsibilities required for the various roles in order to find the most qualified candidates.
  • He relies on his deep insight of academic backgrounds, data science players, data tools and technologies (databases, programming languages, data visualization tools), to accurately assess potential candidates.

What Quentin is passionate about at MP Recruiting Digital

  • Being a stakeholder in the data ecosystem !
  • To regularly monitor new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) and tools, in order to keep abreast of technological innovations and their business and professional challenges.
  • His daily motivation : finding talents to fuel innovation.

What he loves beyond his job 😉

  • Quentin has a strong taste for geopolitics, international relations and economics.
  • Promoting a good work-life balance, he spends time with his family and friends, and regularly travels to the Near and Middle East, as well as the Caucasus countries.
  • He is an experienced linguist and is particularly interested in Semitic and Latin languages.

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